Set-up in 2014, Human Practice Foundation (HPF) has built 59 schools in Nepal and Kenya, helping educate 27,000 children.

By building schools, designing quality educational programs and implementing employment projects, HPF helps create the foundations for a better life for children in extreme poverty. Each project is overseen and managed by the in-country team to ensure quality control. With the local community contributing 20% of project funding “in-kind”, alongside the collaboration with teacher training programmes and the Nepalese Ministry of Education, each project is sustainable for the long term.

HPF has a phenomenally inspirational and capable leader in Founder / CEO Pernille Kruse Madsen, previously a lawyer for A.P. Møller-Mærsk. It’s not just her fantastic vision and commitment that is the reason behind HPF’s success but also the funding model, which ensures that 100% of donations go directly to HPF projects.


Our aim is to rebuild four schools located in the remote Taplejung region of Nepal. Each school has a different story, but the same challenges; dark, unsafe, timeworn by decades of poverty and earthquake damage. Our goal is to build modern, earthquake resistant school buildings that will help provide quality education to 1,300 students every year.

Nilgiri Secondary School

Nilgiri Secondary School is the largest school in the programme. The aim is to rebuild new school buildings as the existing one is in very poor condition and far too small for the 422 students, who are forced to use one classroom. The project will include eight new classrooms and a library, new furniture and leaning facilities such as computer / science lab.

Patidada Secondary School

Patidada Secondary School currently consists of two old buildings which have been severely damaged by earthquake and unsafe for the 262 students, all of whom are crammed into two tiny classrooms. With the new building, the school will provide eight light and spacious classrooms, new furniture and learning facilities. An old Gurkha soldier has moved back to the village from UK to help develop the community and he is very engaged in helping the school.

Balkalyan Secondary School

Balkalyan Secondary School is another village school in dire need of new school buildings and facilities. It sits a day’s hike from the main road and is currently home to 273 students, all crammed into an old building with two small classrooms. The project will be a complete rebuild of the school buildings, with eight classrooms and computer lab.

Mahendra Secondary School

Mahendra Secondary School is another school that has been damaged by earthquake and is no longer safe for the current 400 students. The project will build new school buildings with modern classrooms, learning facilities including science and computer labs, library and playground.


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