We are four guys with a love for adventure and endurance looking for a lifetime challenge that will leave a lasting legacy. Between us we’ve completed military tours in combat zones, rowed the North Pacific, ran the Marathon De Sable and climbed mountains. This is the biggest challenge yet…

We want to build schools to help educate thousands of Nepalese children in extreme poverty. With 40% illiteracy rate, great numbers of Nepali youth are lured to foreign countries and end up working under inhumane conditions. Often abused and neglected, many never see home again.

We want to change this….

Two years of planning is required to ensure we have a successful crossing. This means a punishing training regime and >100 hours in-boat training. Our Goal is to raise $300,000 (£225,000) to help build schools to educate 1,300 children every single year.


Calum Barclay

Calum was originally part of a team competing in the 2019 race, although was unable to take part that year and so set about building a team for the 2020 race. For him this will end up being a 3-year campaign to cross the Atlantic in a row boat, which has now become an obsession! Calum loves sport and is enjoying the training for the race, including learning how to row! After serving in the British Army and a career in property investment, he is a Co-founder / Director of a care home business as well as a UK Trustee of Human Practice Foundation. He lives in Hampshire with his wife and three children.

Ashley Jones

Ashley has wanted to row an ocean since 2007 when he and a friend contemplated the Indian Ocean challenge, and so when a chance came up to compete in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge 2020, he signed up immediately. He enjoys endurance events having completed a few ultra-marathons, but was never a rower as always thought he was too short! Many years ago he served in the British Army and is now a business owner and property developer. Outside of work, Ashley likes to spend his time sailing and fishing, with a bit of crossfit on the side. Ashley lives near Hungerford with his wife and two children, cat, dog and a horse.

Nick Kempster

Nick currently works in London and is engaged to be married (before we go..). A few years ago he completed another ocean row - The Great Pacific Race with Jack, breaking two world records in the process. He has a keen interest in sport, playing golf most weekends. When he’s not knocking balls about then he’s trying to gain weight (much to his fiancées horror).

Jack Carter

Jack competed in the Great Pacific Race alongside Nick in 2014, rowing the 2,100 miles from California to Hawaii in 48 days. He also rowed competitively for 2 years whilst studying at the University of Exeter in 2010/11. He is a chartered accountant by profession and in his spare time enjoys travelling and sport, with a particular passion for cricket. 5 years on, Jack is now preparing to get back on the ocean and is looking forward to taking on a different ocean with a new crew. He is least looking forward to adapting to the 2 hour sleep pattern and the constant pain of blisters and pressure sores….


  • R45 boat built in UK by Rannoch in 2018
  • 28ft - self-righting capability
  • Three rowing positions and two small cabins
  • Mechanical water-maker, Navigation systems, AIS and auto-steer
  • Offshore safety equipment including life raft
  • 60 days worth of food for four rowers
  • No. of Rowing Positions - Three
  • No. of Berths - Three/Four/Five
  • Length Overall - 28.35ft
  • Load Waterline Length - 25.43ft
  • Beam (canoe body) - 5.71ft
  • Load Waterline Breadth - 5.02ft
  • Hull Draught - 1.05ft
  • Displacement (loaded) - 2072.34lb
  • Overall Height (keel to cabin roof of canoe body) - 5.12ft
  • Construction - Carbon or Fibreglass
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